Sleep Dental Services has a lot of special patients and we pride ourselves in doing our best to help them with their health issues.

I have snored and had sleep apnea most of my life.  I have not snored since I have used my sleep apnea oral appliance!  I am looking forward to having a sleep apnea study with my oral appliance to see if I will be able to use only the oral appliance or the oral appliance with lower pressure on my cpap machine.  I have my cpap machine set at 14, which is very uncomfortable.

Kay Linthicum Newton

What a pleasant, helpful office staff. I didn’t even know I had sleep apnea until I read Dr. DuHamel’s brochure. My bad headaches are gone, my memory is greatly improved. I wake up with a clearer head and sense of well being. Thank you,

Roz Ogletree

I have obstructive sleep apnea. In the last few years, my CPAP had grown less effective. The helpful staff at Sleep Dental Services in Lodi explained how their unique dental retainer systems reposition the jaw during sleep to open your airway. For the first time in years, I’ve gotten truely restful sleep and am once again able to fully concentrate at work. Thank you Sleep Solutions!

Steve Rouse, Lodi

I have suffered with Sleep Apnea for approximately 10 years. I’ve used the CPAP for most of that time. I’ve also had surgery to correct the problem. My condition returned about 5 years after the surgery and I was again forced to use the CPAP. Even though improvements have been made to make the machine quieter, it stills remains uncomfortable and, according to my wife, noisy. I heard about the Dental Appliance and decided to give it a try. It’s WONDERFUL! I’m sleeping just as well if not better than with the CPAP. No more hoses, plugs or masks to content with and maintain. I wish to thank Dr. DuHamel and his wonderful and fun staff.

Mike Acosta