Eccovision Acoustic Rhinometry

Eccovision Acoustic Rhinometry is an accurate noninvasive way of measuring the cross sectional area of the nasal passage. The Rhinometer helps us determine the type and location of the obstructions. The Rhinometer is also used to determine the optimal postion of the nasal dilators on the OASYS sleep appliance.

Eccovision Acoustic Pharyngometer

Eccovision Acousic Pharyngometer is used to determine the optimal jaw position for an oral appliance. The Pharyngometer measures the cross sectional area of the mouth, soft palate area and the space behind the tongue. By taking measurements at different jaw positions we can predict if a patient can be helped by oral appliance therapy.

BioResearch Joint Vibration Analysis

Joint Vibration analysis is a highly accurate non-invasive way of diagnosing joint pathology in the TM joint.  Sensors placed over the TM joints record the volume and frequency of vibrations in the joint during movement.  The JVA is 87% accurate in differentiating disk movement, degenerative joint disease, and non reciprocating dislocations of the TM joints.

BioResearch Jaw Tracking

Computerized jaw tracking is a valuable tool for evaluating a person's mandibular rest positions, phonetic position, swallow patterns, range of motion and ideal bite placement. The jaw tracker has a large sensor that is placed on the patient's head and tracks the movement of a small magnet that is temporarily glued to the lower teeth. The jaw tracker is used for difficult TMJ cases that may need future dental work.  The tracker is also an excellent tool for differentiating the different types of swallow patterns. 

BioResearch Electromyography (EMG)

Electromyography is used to quantify the tightness of the muscles around the neck andoral cavity.  We use it for diagnosis of chronic headache patients and TMJ cases.  It is also useful in determining dysfunctional swallow patterns and the pre-maturities of the occlusion.

ResMed Apnea Link: Ambulatory Sleep Monitor

The Resmed Apnea Link is a four channel Type IV sleep monitor.  A finger pulse oximeter monitors the patient's oxygen saturation levels and heart rate.  A nasal canula measures airflow and snoring levels.  The Apnea Link gives a computerized summary of the patient's AHI (apnea hypopnea index) and ODI (oxygen desaturations index for PSG titration studies). 

Watermark Ares Unirecorder

The Watermark Unirecorder is a type III, 10 channel, Home Sleep Test (HST) system.    The Unirecorder documents AHI, oxygen saturation , REM sleep, sleep time, sleep position and snoring.  The HST must be administered by a physicians office or sleep lab for diagnosis of Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) or titration of an oral appliance.

OAT Technology

 Sleep Dental Services incorporates the following most current, non invasive diagnostic modalities for evaluating the health of the patients airway and TMJ.